Thai Yoga Massage

Thai Yoga Massage_01_ResizedThai Yoga Massage is an ancient oriental technique that combines acupuncture, passive stretching, reflexology and energy work with deep tissue massage. It focuses on improving circulation, detoxification through lymphatic drainage, stimulation of the nervous system and increased immunity. An added benefit is its relaxing quality, quietening the mind and helping one to switch off mentally. With time and commitment, this therapy eventually improves posture, alignment, strength, and flexibility. The massage is conducted on a mat, on the floor and is fully clothed.

RewbyPilates offers a number of options in identifying the underlying issues or concerns within the body. This is approached through the following choice of therapies:

  • Pilates/TYM Combo:

This one hour class is catered and planned specifically for one’s unique posture and body type. Once the posture is analysed and problematic areas identified, a Pilates program will be structured to incorporate exercises to target underdeveloped core muscles. Robyn Whale will then assist with stretching the body further and to challenge it to reach full potential, using the Thai Yoga Massage technique where needed. A package of classes is recommended in order to see and feel the benefits.


  • “Lazy Yoga” Massage:

A one hour, full body massage, incorporating both Thai massage and stretching techniques, without effort. A 4-treatment package is recommended for full body coverage, identifying problematic areas for future focus.

  • Thai Head Massage:

This one hour massage focuses on massaging the face, head and neck, utilising Thai techniques and deep tissue application. It’s purpose is ultimately to achieve pure relaxation, tension release and sleep! The use of Tiger Balm promotes lymph drainage, clearing of sinuses and creating the platform for deep tissue connection.