The Rewby Philosophy


“The ruby. A rare, precious gemstone found buried deep within the earth’s crust. To find a ruby, one must dig, chisel through layer upon layer of hard rock. Messy, and sometimes painful, once it’s found, wedged in the inner core of the earth, a beautiful stone emerges. One of the most durable of all stones, it’s survived. It’s exposed, imperfections and all. It’s formed, perfectly sculpted into it’s own authentic shape.  Once polished daily, it’s fiery rich hues begin to surface. And the glint of its deep, red heartbeat starts to shine again”.

Ruby Logo_02

This is true of our human experience. Sometimes it takes digging deep, healing our innermost layers, before attempting to strengthen our bodies as we see them. This practice is a combination of modalities in trying to achieve this. The aim is to bring the body back into complete balance or homeostasis, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.


Each and every person is born with a different genetic make up. Their specific life experience then shapes them into the person they become. This inevitably will affect posture, well-being and quality of life. RewbyPilates and Robyn Whale aims to work with individuals and their bodies according to their own unique needs. Essentially, it’s about connecting again to one’s body.

Love it, own it, be it!

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