About Robyn Whale

Robs_ProfilePic_01.jpgMeet Robyn Whale…

Robyn Whale (Robyn Elizabeth Whale + by) is based in Cape Town, South Africa. She began her journey towards healing in 2013 after having been involved in the fashion industry for 12 years.

Experiencing TRE allowed Robyn to realise the benefits of healing on a much deeper level, using the body’s innate wisdom to do so. Having seen the phenomenal results within her own body, she decided to take the practice forward to others in an attempt to promote healing. She trained and certified as a TRE Provider (L1 &L2) under life-coach and TRE Supervisor, Ingrid Regenass.

Pilates was the next progressive step in her process. After having practiced it for years and seeing the profound benefits, she then trained in Pilates Matwork under Katya Kinski at the Pilates Academy SA. It was during her Pilates sessions with clients that she noticed the need to further challenge and assist their bodies with the use of manual stretching and manipulation. This led her to train and integrate Thai Yoga Massage into her practice, having been awarded with a Diploma from Shen Mantra and the Lanna Thai Medical Federation.

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