“Lending a Hand to the Soul”

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So my latest addition to my practice is something that speaks volumes, yet is peacefully silent. Also known as “Yoga for lazy people” (the therapist does the work), I prefer to see it as “lending a hand to the soul”. As much as it is renowned for it’s physical benefits, it leaves one with a sense of well-being in balancing Mind, Body and Spirit.

Thai Yoga Massage is an ancient Oriental technique that combines acupuncture, passive stretching, reflexology and energy work, with deep tissue massage. It helps posture, alignment, strength, and flexibility. The massage is conducted on a mat, on the floor, fully clothed.

During Pilates classes, I would often feel the need to push a stretch further or to manipulate the body where misalignment was present. Having completed the course and currently working on case studies (many a willing participant I might add!!), the technique is proving to be successful, with improvement at every stage, on every age. A reminder: one is most likely to go through a detox, so it’s about being gentle with oneself, hydrating, bathing in Epsom Salts following treatments and nurturing the body in order to get the full benefit. Try it out, you… and your soul have everything to gain!

Core Inspiration

Skinny JeansWhen talking about the core, some believe that this just consists of one’s “6-pack”. This is not the case. It extends from the pelvic floor and right up into the diaphragm. Pilates instructors will often refer to the “Powerhouse”, which is an extension of our core. We are talking glutes, obliques, abdominals, lats, hip flexors, and pretty much all muscles of the torso (excluding the arms and legs).

So the next time you workout, don’t neglect the very important muscles that will help you fit into those super tight skinny jeans for summer. We don’t want the muffin-top look, do we now? Here is a link to some super exercises that will definitely do the job. Remember your form whilst doing them!


The 21 Day Challenge

The 21 Day ChallengeAs summer is now approaching us, it’s time to get our minds and bodies into action. It’s always around this time of year that there is a sudden realisation that we have let ourselves go…into that dreamy place of roasts, fireplaces, vino and the occasional malva pudding (with double thick cream, of course). We are all guilty of it, so don’t beat yourself up. Alas! There is a light at the end of the tunnel! It’s simply making the decision to change and to be the very best version of yourself that you can be. Apparently it takes 21 days to make a habit. I choose #4. Avoid procrastination. How about you? http://www.weandserendipity.com/2013/01/ive-been-thinking-about-this-little.html

Just Be!

25 Self-Care Tips for the Body & Soul

So, it’s the first blog I’m posting and thought what’s most relevant for me at this time, is accepting what is. After having read the below article, it’s stopped me in my tracks and simply reminded me to BREATHE. Mindfulness guru Jon Kabat-Zinn always challenges my thinking and I find myself regularly reflecting on his quotes based on simple awareness: “It is what makes us human, what distinguishes us from other animals. We can be aware of being aware.” So take a moment. Stop. Breathe. And…just be. 25 Self-Care Tips for the Body & Soul